4 Things You May Not Know About Tour of Utah

by MeganC

Welcome to the Play In Davis, Davis County Blog! Through our blog we will cover a variety of topics; from best places to eat, events, and things to do and see. What better way to start off then to recap the Tour of Utah? On August 5, 2016, the Tour of Utah came through Davis County.

Below are four things you may not have known about the Tour, specifically Stage 5. 

Competitors at Davis County Tour of Utah
Racers say “good luck.”

1. What is the Tour of Utah?

Some people may not even know what the Tour of Utah is. A spectator made the following comment prior to this year’s event: “When I heard about the Tour of Utah, I thought it was people who boarded a bus and rode around Utah to see the sites.” Not quite. While there are buses involved, they aren’t your typical tour bus. These buses are for the racers. The Tour of Utah is America’s toughest stage race. Some of the bikers competed in the Tour de France just weeks before. These are well-trained, determined young bikers on a mission to win the Tour!

2.  Two Years in Davis County

Tour of Utah 4687365
TOU Start Line

This is the second year in a row that Davis County has hosted a stage. Tour of Utah organizers loved Davis County so much that they returned for a second year. The beautiful scenery that Davis County has to offer, paired with the great community support, made us an easy choice. Racers started on the beautiful Antelope Island and finished in Bountiful.

3. Over 400 Volunteers for Stage 5 

Because of the complex course for Stage 5, Davis County needed over 400 volunteers to make this event happen. From course marshals to parking attendants, the race wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without the help of wonderful volunteers. Be sure to check in next year for information on becoming a volunteer. 

4. Events for Stage 5

Autograph Alley
Autograph Alley at the start line

One of the great things about Stage 5 being in Davis County was the way the community got involved. Many people lined the streets to cheer on the racers while others enjoyed different events before and during the race. The night before the race Antelope Island had a pre-event with dutch oven cooking and live music. On the day of the event there were festivities at Antelope Island, in Farmington, and at the finish line in Bountiful. The public was able to enjoy balloon animals, face painting, kids’ bike activities, and of course the ever obnoxious, but needed cowbell! 

Spectators at the Tour of Utah
Spectators Farmington Street Party

Thanks again to all who came out to support Stage 5 of the Tour of Utah. Check out our Facebook page to see more pictures and follow along for future events, fun things to do, places to see, and where to eat!