Tap Dancing, Laughter & Romance @ CenterPoint’s Crazy for You

by admindhnqkf35

Are you in need of a date night? Head to CenterPoint Legacy Theatre! Their current production, Crazy for You, will have you laughing and loving your date night. It opened June 15th and plays till July 14th. The romantic storyline will keep your date close to you. And you will also find yourself in awe at their unbelievable tap dancing! 

I experienced Crazy for You first hand on a date night and had a great time. When I heard it’s a Gershwin Musical I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it surprised me with a style and dancing I don’t normally see, which was very fun! 

Especially surprising was during their song “I Got Rhythm,” when they mix tap dancing and stomp, using unexpected dance props.

Tap Dancing

The tap dancing skills were jaw dropping! You can expect to be mesmerized and wow’d on how they keep such fast pace with each other. 

I loved the opening of the show, where bright pink dresses and dancing that made me want to get up with them.


Crazy for You at CenterPoint
Fred Lee (Bobby Child), Landry Thomas (Polly Baker)

The unexpected romance between two very different characters, is very heart warming. A big city man falls for a girl who’s lived her whole life in the wild west, and she’s not easy to swoon, so he makes the chase interesting. I’ve had Frank Sinatra’s “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” stuck in my head since I heard them beautifully sing it together.


There were so many comical moments and scenes that had everyone laughing in the audience. My favorite comedic characters were the two travelers from the UK, Eugene (played by Chantryce Diehl) and Patricia (played by Kristina Boler). They shined in the song “Stiff Upper Lip.” 

Grab a date!

I’m sure you will have a delightful night out, like I did, seeing Crazy for You at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre. The show is playing till July 14th, buy tickets online to reserve your seats now: http://www.centerpointtheatre.org/show/crazy-for-you/

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Crazy for You at CenterPoint
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