Review: Wait Until Dark at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

by admindhnqkf35

“I’ve never felt so much suspense and been so immersed as an audience member in a live theater production before.” – Haley Rodgers

As I walked into Leishman Hall at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre on a Friday night, I knew it was definitely going to be an intimate showing with the up-close stage and limited seating. I was excited to get immersed into Wait Until Dark. I no idea that it would be so intense and impressive. 

Wait Until at CenterPoint
Stacey Haslam as Gloria, Katie Plott as Susy. Photo by Pepperfox Photography.

Incredible Acting

Playing a blind role that Audrey Hepburn made famous must have been extremely difficult to master, but Katie Plott does an incredible job. She said to prepare for that role it took, “…months of watching videos of blind people talking about their experience being blind…and paying attention to the things they do with their eyes, face and body. It’s been a very fun and difficult experience.”

Wait Until Dark at CenterPoint
Katie Plott as Susy, Mike Gardner as Roat. Photo by Pepperfox Photography.

The impressive acting continues with the whole cast. I was very creep’d out by the villain Roat, which was intentional by Mike Gardner. He said, “The way I approached it [the role of Roat] is to just commit 100% to every decision. Terrorizing a blind woman takes a lot of commitment.” I found myself flinching and jumping in my seat more than once, as scenes of Roat’s terror played out.

When They Say Dark, They Mean It

Wait Until Dark at CenterPoint
On-Set in Leishman Hall. Photo by Pepperfox Photography.

What immersed me into this production more than anything, was the lighting and sound technicalities. Jordan Fowler, the Lighting and Sound Designer, worked tirelessly to make sure the space is truly dark when it is meant to be, which creates an intense effect. 

Don’t Wait Until September

Wait Until Dark at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

I encourage everyone to go experience this immersive production before it’s last showing on September 1st, to find out for yourself how much you may jump or get into the suspenseful story-line. The Director Marinda Maxfield deserves a huge applause for creating a show that my date and I will never forget – our favorite play we’ve ever seen. 

Tickets are $15, purchase at