Ragtime at CenterPoint Portrays History, Yet Speaks to Today

by admindhnqkf35

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre is currently showing Ragtime, until October 27th. This show is a looking glass into the past, as well as full of strong messages for today.

Ragtime at CenterPoint

Ragtime is set in the turn-of-the-century in New York City. Americans of all different backgrounds were trying to find their place, equality and chase the American dream.

Even though we are now in a different era, this show is very relatable as well as insightful as it showcased many perspectives. I found more empathy for my fellow Americans thanks to this production.

Three Families, One Story

On stage you will see a wealthy suburban family, a black family and an immigrant family all struggle to reach their dreams. The paths of these families all weave together telling a touching story that is riveting in every act.

Ragtime at CenterPoint

Photo by Pepperfox Photo. MWF Cast.

Passionate Performances

The roles in Ragtime are full of depth and passion. I was in awe at the soul that each character showed to the audience. The MWF cast member that especially impressed me was Taylor Smith, playing the ‘Younger Brother’ to ‘Mother’. He gave this character everything he could, displaying emotional fireworks. 

Ragtime at CenterPoint

Photo by Pepperfox Photography. Taylor Smith (Younger Brother), and MWF Cast.

Angie Call who plays ‘Mother’ (MWF) of the wealthy suburban family beautifully embraces women empowerment and empathy for others. Her strong voice was inspiring.

The immigrant family searches for a place to build their dream, while struggling with the reality of brash New York. The father of the immigrant family, Tateh, played by Danny Inkley (MWF), completely immersed me in how hard and heart breaking the transition to America must be for immigrants. 

Ragtime at CenterPoint

Photo by Pepperfox Photography. Isabelle Inkley (Little Girl) and Shelby Ferrin (Tateh), with TTHS cast member.

At the same time, the black family in this story fights for justice. The same kind of injustices that were acted out we still see today. Ragtime is a great reminder that we have room to grow in equality for all people.

Timothy Drisdom and Olivia Lusk, who play Coalhouse and Sarah, deserve a huge applause for elegantly displaying their character’s dreams and sorrows. 

Ragtime at CenterPoint

Photo by Pepperfox Photo. Timothy Drisdom (Coalhouse), Olivia Lusk (Sarah).

Instant Standing Ovation

By the end of the production, there was hardly a dry eye in the crowd. And instantly, the crowd stood in a standing ovation. I think everyone left compelled to be a better human to our fellow Americans, reminded that we all have similar dreams and hopes for our families. 

I highly recommend seeing this compelling production of Ragtime at CPT. 

You may call CPT to purchase tickets at 801-298-1302 or visit their box office. Reserve tickets online at centerpointtheatre.org.

*Parental Advisory*

In case you would like to take children, understand that to stay true to depicting history the cast will enact some violence, conflict and say racial slurs.