Review: Pirates of Penzance at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

by admindhnqkf35

Pirates of Penzance at CenterPoint
Monte Garcia (The Pirate King), Alan Smith (Frederic). Photo by Pepperfox Photography

Find Comic Relief at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre’s Pirates of Penzance

I had never seen any version of Pirates of Penzance, so I didn’t quite know what to expect when going to see CenterPoint’s production. I had many delightful surprises while seeing such a classic, yet unique, production!

The story follows now ex-pirate, dutiful Frederic in his pursuit to defeat his old pirate mates and live a more righteous way with a lovely lady he wants to spend happily ever after with.

Filled with Laughter 

The audience was roaring in laughter much of the time! The supertitle screen played a big part in adding humor to this already comical show. When Victorian English was used on stage, explanations like “LUV 4 EVA!” and even emojis were placed on the supertitle screen to make sure everyone in the audience understood and could enjoy a good laugh.

I noticed a lot of young, middle school and high school students, in attendance and I could tell they really loved the show. I also noticed older adults were very entertained. This operetta was made approachable and enjoyable for all.

Pirates & Maidens

Pirates of Penzance at CenterPoint
Photo by Pepperfox Photography

The pirates in this production aren’t what you would expect to see in the Caribbean, but instead British pirates with their own personalities and flare. I was keen to their steampunk style, their slick handshakes and their commitment to duty and rules.

Men at sea were happy to see the maidens in the show, daughters of Major General, who were flirtatious and excited to meet them as well. The maiden characters also had their own flare, with anime and Lolita influences – kudos to Costume Designer’s Nita Smith and Jeana Forthman for their inventiveness.

Amazing Vocals

Mabel’s character played by Kahli Dalbow especially impressed me with her opera solos. She seemed effortless in beautifully singing the long and high notes.

Pirates of Penzance at CenterPoint
Kahli Dalbow (Mabel) and Maidens. Photo by Pepperfox Photography.

My favorite song in the production was Major General’s ‘I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General’. The fast-paced, hilarious, lively song could not have been easy to learn! David Marsden, playing Major General that night, does an incredible job.

Quirky Characters

The pirates and maidens weren’t the only groups to do an amazing job of playing their unique characters. My favorite group was the Sergeant played by Matthew Thomas Castleton and his Police Brigade played by Britnay Fullmer, Katie Drake, Rachel Marsden, Elizabeth Jones, and Kannon Servoss. They fully dedicated to their roles, which were goofy and surprisingly skittish.

Pirates of Penzance at CenterPoint
Photo by Pepperfox Photography

Playing till September 1st

I couldn’t believe it was already over during the last act, and you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun! You are sure to have an entertaining night at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre when seeing Pirates of Penzance, showing till September 1st. Tickets available online at or by calling their box office at 801-298-1302.