Hilarious Drama on the CenterPoint Stage

by admindhnqkf35

There’s much laughter in the audience during Lend Me A Tenor at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre, playing till February 16th. You can expect to be enthralled in the fast-paced drama, as the story twists and turns with excellent acting throughout the show.

The first thing I noticed was the elaborate stage set. It reminded me of the Grand America. You’ll be surprised that so much excitement can all be played out on one set. The production team and cast do a great job of ensuring you’ll be engaged during every scene.

Andrew Heyward – Max M/W/F, Josh Curtis – Tito Merelli M/W/F
Photo by Pepperfox Photography

I recalled seeing Andrew Heyward (who plays Max M/W/F) and Josh Curtis (who plays Tito Merelli M/W/F) as cast in Wait Until Dark in 2018 on the Leishman Hall stage at CenterPoint, and they did an incredible job of acting in that production, so I knew I was in for an amazing show. I was right, the whole Lend Me A Tenor cast does a really impressive job.

Amanda Morgan – Diana M/W/F, Josh Curtis – Tito Merelli M/W/F
Photo by Pepperfox Photography

This show is perfect to see with that person who may not love musicals, but enjoys comedy and seeing live theater, because there is no singing / dancing in it. I took my dad because I know he loves a good laugh.

Jan Smith – Julia M/W/F, Silas Stott – Bellhop M/W/F, Natalie Peterson – Maggie M/W/F
Photo by Pepperfox Photorgraphy

It’s hard to pick a favorite scene, but near the end the complexity of the story is at its peak and it’s so entertaining to see the characters frantically figure out what to do. Each character makes you want to find out the fate of relationships, careers, lives, and more as it all pans out.

M/W/F Lend Me A Tenor Cast
Photo by Pepperfox Photography

So grab your favorite comedy seeker to see the hilarious Lend Me A Tenor by February 16th at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre.

Buy tickets online at cptutah.org, or visit the box office (525 N. 400 W., Centerville, UT 84014) between Monday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m., or call 801-298-1302.