Hiking Davis County: Wild Rose Trail

by admindhnqkf35

Wild Rose is a trail in North Salt Lake that many forget is actually in Davis County. This trail is the perfect hike for families, beginner hikers, and mountain bikers. The trailhead begins at a park complete with a paved parking lot, playground, pavilion, and large grassy area.

Wild Rose offers several different paths that take you on the Wild Rose Loop, Wild Rose out and back trail, and Chukar Loop (not shown on this map but is on maps at the trail). The trails are easy to follow but there is an abundance of maps located along the trail in case you get confused.

The Wild Rose Loop will take you out to a beautiful look out point where you can practically see all of the North Salt Lake valley and the Great Salt Lake. This trail also offers beautiful views of Eaglewood Golf Course, which is located nearby. This loop is 1.7 miles and has an elevation gain of less about 400 feet. There are very few steep inclines, making it a perfect hike for smaller children.

Spotted along the trail are several benches for anyone needing to take a break or simply just wanting to take in the view. The trail is mostly unshaded, but with a few shaded areas, so this is a great hike to do in spring while the temps are lower.


Not only is this a great hiking or running trail, this is a great mountain biking trail. There are designated hiking and biking trails that will help keep everyone safe. If you get to a fork in the path, there will be a sign directing you to the right place.

While visiting this trail, remember to practice #ResponsibleRecreation. Maintain social distancing, stay home if you are sick, keep dogs on a leash and pickup after them, and “pack it in- pack out”.