Hiking Davis County: Deuel Creek Trail

by admindhnqkf35

Deuel Creek Trail, or sometimes referred to as Centerville Canyon trail, is a great hike that offers both a family-friendly trail and a more difficult trail, providing something for every hiker. Both trail options are approximately 4-miles round trip, but you can always turn around when you feel you’ve gone far enough.

Image Source: Utah’s Adventure Family

The Trek Planner and Utah’s Adventure Family both have great blog posts sharing their experience on this trail.

Deuel Creek South is the easier option and is perfect for families with young children. This trail follows right along Deuel Creek for the majority of the trail and leads to a beautiful, small waterfall. The South trail is relatively flat and shaded, making it a perfect hike for a hot summer day. This trail is also gorgeous in the fall and is an excellent place to view the mountains changing colors.

Centerville Utah hiking

Photo by @lovelee_marie

Deuel Creek North is slightly more difficult but eventually merges with the South trail after about one mile. The first part of the North trail is quite steep and can be difficult, depending on your level of hiking skills. The North trail follows along the side of the mountain, while the South trail follows more along the floor of the canyon. Because of this, the North trail is not very shaded and has a lot of sun exposure. This portion of the trail may not be the most enjoyable on a sunny, hot day. However, with a little breeze and cloud cover, the North trail is a beautiful and rewarding hike.

View from North trail. Image Source: The Trek Planner

After merging together, Deuel Creek is spotted with several camping sites and even has a fun rope swing. When taking the South trail, the rope swing is located at about 1.2 miles. After about two miles, this trail leads to a small waterfall, which is perfect for cooling yourself off. If the full two miles to the waterfall is too far for you and your family, the rope swing at 1.2 miles is a perfect spot to turn around. On your way back, you can either follow the same trail or head back on the other trail. (Note: The North and South trailheads are not in the same parking lot. If you take a different trail back, you will need to also walk back to your car.)

Image Source: The Trek Planner


Trail Map

While visiting this trail, remember to practice #ResponsibleRecreation. Maintain social distancing, stay home if you are sick, keep dogs on a leash and pickup after them, and “pack it in- pack out”.