Feel Good Family Friendly Show to See @ CenterPoint Legacy Theatre

by AmberlyL

Review: ‘You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
By Amberly Lambertsen of Davis County Dates

Charlie Brown at CenterPoint

Director Josh Richardson says that he hopes You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown “can remind us that the true joys in life are often the simplest.” That is exactly how I felt after sitting in the Leishman Performance Hall at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre for two hours. This show was the perfect way to kick off our summer and left me feeling lighter, happier and more grateful for the people, things and situations in my life.

Until this past weekend, I had never seen a show in the Leishman Performance Hall. It is a much smaller theater than patrons of CenterPoint might be used to, but I love the intimate atmosphere that the smaller setting provides. I truly felt connected to the characters and the show. Each prop, costume and piece of scenery was amazingly done and I loved that I was able to enjoy them in detail from where I was sitting.

Charlie Brown at CenterPoint
Dale H. Boam (Snoopy), Jeffrey Black (Schroeder), Kurt Christensen (Linus van Pelt), Kimberly Bishop (Lucy van Pelt), Emily Woods (Sally Brown), Jake Heywood (Charlie Brown)

This is a show that is truly great for all ages. We went on a date and saw other couples there on a date as well. There were parents there with their children, enjoying a little family night out and some there for one on one quality time. I saw groups of women there to laugh together for girl’s night. There were even larger groups of families there for a fun extended family reunion activity. It’s a great, family friendly show and the perfect activity to end those warm summer days with.


Charlie Brown at CenterPoint
Dale H. Boam (Snoopy), Jake Heywood (Charlie Brown)

Every character, scene and song was delightful and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to I would say that Dale Boam’s portrayal of Snoopy, the mini monologues in between scenes from Sally, played by Emily Woods, and the cast’s rendition of “The Book Report” were all a highlight for me. Dale truly invested in his character and nailed it with every mannerism and thought that Snoopy shared throughout the show. I was left thinking about my own dog at home and felt that I was given a glimpse into what goes through his head every day. Sally was a delightful character and I could feel her excitement, anger and concern during each of the situations she found herself in throughout the show. “The Book Report” had everyone in the audience laughing and I heard multiple people say that they’ve written a paper similar to the ones that each of the characters wrote and that they related well to the song. My husband said that “The Book Report” was his favorite part of the show as well because “it’s how everyone feels about homework.”

Showing Through June 30th

Charlie Brown at CenterPoint
Kurt Christensen (Linus van Pelt), Dale H. Boam (Snoopy), Jeffrey Black (Schroeder), Emily Woods (Sally Brown), Jake Heywood (Charlie Brown), Kimberly Bishop (Lucy van Pelt)

I believe that there is a little bit of Charlie Brown in all of us but audiences will recognize pieces of themselves in each of the Peanuts characters. You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown is running on the Leishman Stage at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre through June 30th, click here to grab your tickets. The entire family will enjoy seeing the well loved comic come to life on stage in front of them.