Eccles Wildlife Education Center

Wade into the world of the remarkable Great Salt Lake wetlands when you visit the Eccles Wildlife Education Center. Learn about the life of birds, snakes, frogs and more that make up this incredible ecosystem.

See the Center

Find Fun in the Wetlands for Free

Open Tuesday through Saturday with free admission, children and adults of all ages can learn and appreciate the wildlife community of the Great Salt Lake wetlands. Armed with education, get a close-up view of the wetland wildlife.

Where Science and Imagination Meet

Bring science and imagination together with a visit to the Eccles Wildlife Education Center. Learn about active wildlife management and create an experience you’ll remember no matter your interest. The center is a popular destination for photographers, hunters, bird watchers and more.

Take Note of the Nature Trail

Wander through the wetlands on the 1.6-mile, paved Nature Trail Loop. Experience the sights and sounds of the Farmington Bay wetlands as you stop at viewing platforms along the way.

Make it a Field Trip — Bring a Group

Groups are always welcome at the Eccles Wildlife Education Center. Both guided and self-guided are available for various lengths of time, keeping the group entertained and enthralled with the instruction and activities provided. Reservations are required.

Take a Trip

Plan time to take a trip to the Eccles Wildlife Education Center. The wetland wildlife is waiting for you!

Watch the Wildlife