CenterPoint’s 5 Carols for Christmas Reviewed by The Salt Project

by Harmony_SaltProject

Harmony Walker, with The Salt Project, went to the musical 5 Carols for Christmas at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre (CPT) so that she could give us all a review (see below) of the production. This production will be showing on CPT’s Leishman Hall stage till December 22nd, on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. 

Intimate Setting

As we stepped inside Leishman Hall at CPT, I was very surprised to find myself, almost literally, on stage. I loved the small, more intimate stage setting. Not having any prior knowledge about the play, I had made the assumption that there would be 5 carols sung, but I was in for a surprise to find out that the 5 main characters are all named “Carol!” I had even read over the Character Names, but it didn’t quite click until the opening song. 

(Left to Right) Elizabeth Corona (Miss Q), Sean Bishop (Cousin Ray), Mickey Larson (Kitty), Lindsey Garside (ling-Ling), Stephanie Pugh (Carol Ann), Kim Tolman (Noyesy). Photo by Pepperfox Photo.

Christmas in the ’50s

5 Carols for Christmas is based during the 1950s. It was fun to go back in time and see what Christmas would have been like for someone like my Grandmother. The femininity, yet strength, of ladies of the Cold War are something to be remembered. Life was very different for the Carols.
One of the songs “Dress Up Your Shelter” gave me an insight I’d never thought about before. These ladies were living in a time of war and constantly worried about their situations but they still wanted to keep the festivities going. They suggested “Dressing Up Your Shelter” with Christmas decorations just in case. While it was a funny song, it was good reminder that even in scary, unknown situations, one can always make the best of it. 

Favorite Songs

Some of my favorite songs were Ding-Dong Merrily on High and Toyland. I loved the sweet harmonies and since we were on a smaller setting, you could really hear all the Carol’s voices. Other fun songs like “The Worldwide Santa Clause Parade & Ding-Dong Debacle” were hilarious and you didn’t always know what was coming next.  

Perfect for the Season

5 Carols for Christmas was the perfect way to start out the Christmas season, with good reminders that Christmas is more than just gifts, glitter and gold, it’s about making memories with those you love. See it before it closes on December 22nd!
5 Carols CenterPoint

Mickey Larson (Kitty), Elizabeth Corona (Miss Q), Stephanie Pugh (Carol Ann), Lindsey Garside (ling-Ling), Kim Tolman (Noyesy). Photo by Pepperfox Photo.


Tickets are just $15 per person, with free parking. Buy tickets from CPT online by clicking here, order by phone at 801-298-1302 or visit their box office (Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm, 525 N. 400 W. Centerville, UT 84014). 

Thanks again Harmony, with The Salt Project, for the review.