A New Family Favorite: Peter and the Starcatcher

by admindhnqkf35

Peter and the Starcatcher, presented by CenterPoint Legacy Theatre is a magical production that takes you through a delightful side of the story we all know and love, Peter Pan. With exciting scenes and props, a picture-perfect cast, and humor the whole family will love, you will not want to miss this show!

The Prequel to a Classic Story

Peter and the Starcatcher is an enchanting tale about the one and only, Peter Pan. Before he became Peter Pan, he was referred to as “Boy”. As an orphan boy without a name, a home, or a family, Boy goes through an adventure that helps him gain everything he needs by the end of the story.

Molly Aster and her father, Lord Aster, are one of very few Starcatchers in the world. They collect starstuff, which has very powerful magic, and aim to keep it out of the wrong hands. After Slank, a mischievous merchant gets his hands on a trunk of starstuff, mayhem ensues. Molly goes on a quest to save the starstuff from Slank and a band of pirates, who are bound to use the starstuff for evil. Along the way, she meets Boy and his two orphan friends, Prentiss and Ted. Some of their adventures include battling pirates, getting lost on an island, meeting mermaids, being captured, encountering a crocodile, and becoming the best of friends, all while protecting the valuable starstuff.

Setting the Stage

The stage of Peter and the Starcatcher consisted of a creatively crafted backdrop that was arranged in various ways and used as a prop throughout the show. For most of the show, it was used to distinguish the two ships in the story. The stage moved and morphed into an orphanage, various rooms in the ships, the ship deck, and even a jungle. Other onstage elements like blue fabric representing the ocean, live onstage sound effects with instruments, and a very creative way to portray the iconic crocodile from this story, made it easy to follow along and added a wonderful ‘wow factor’ to each scene.




A Picture Perfect Cast

As usual, the cast for this production was incredible and fit the essence of the original characters so well. Costumes, hair, dialog, and personalities all contributed to spitting images of what you’d imagine the storybook characters to be like.

One star of the show was Josh Curtis who plays Black Stache (who is later renamed Captain Hook in Peter Pan). Curtis was the perfect combination of evil pirate and humorous goof, making the entire audience laugh. His ‘stache was legendary and it seemed as if he was born to play Black Stache.

Another humorous crowd favorite was Mrs. Bumbrake played by Zach Watts. Mrs. Bumbrake is Molly’s caretaker who is watching over while she is at sea and away from her father. She is an older, single woman, portrayed by a Watts, a young, vibrant man. Watts did an excellent job of playing a woman and made the audience laugh with each of his lines.


Peter and the Starcatcher runs at the CenterPoint Theatre Mondays-Saturdays at 7:30 pm with Saturday matinees at 2:30 pm until February 15th. Tickets start at just $18 for select shows and are available in advance at centerpointtheatre.org