CenterPoint Legacy Theater presents Broadway Villains in Concert

by ngraf

“Through the darkness and the shadows, it’s a nightmare, but it’s one exciting ride.” Gaston may have sung it first but CenterPoint Legacy Theatre says it even better in its beguiling musical production of Broadway Villains. Broadway Villains Centerpoint Legacy Theatre As CenterPoint’s first in-house show since March, Villains brings to life some of the most diabolical characters in Broadway history. Blind to their own darkness, or perhaps fueled by it, these villains let it all hang out, unapologetic as they plot their revenge. They’re the ones we love to hate, the ones who make us shriek in both laugher and fear. Yet despite their backstabbing, treacherous shenanigans, you’ll find yourself cheering them on, tapping your toes, and clapping your hands. It just may be the best hour of your week. Broadway Villains at Legacy Centerpoint Theater

From King George to Regina George

Few characters are scarier than the villains who believe they are heroes. (We’re looking at you Gaston. And Javert. And George. And…well, you get it.). The Villains cast brings to life 17 of the most spine-tingling numbers from Broadway, including Wicked, Hamilton, Little Shop of Horrors, Beauty and the Beast, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, and more. Mean Girls Centerpoint cast You just can’t help but adore the way these talented performers present these outrageous characters. Is there a more despicable storyline than Sweeney Todd? Brittany Bullen manages to bring incredible charm to the dreadful Mrs. Lovett. Together with Tyler Hanson, they create humor in this dark and grisly tale. Karina Gilette’s dramatic rendition of “World Burn” from Mean Girls is on fire. A brief showdown between Annie’s Ms. Hannigan and Matilda’s Ms. Trunchbull, and comical performances by Cinderella’s Stepsisters, add a lighthearted element to the show. Directed by Danny Inkley and musical director Tara Wardle, and choreographed by Marilyn Montgomery, the cast consists of 13 extraordinarily talented singers, dancers and actors. The narrator weaves the eclectic numbers together seamlessly with a disembodied voiceover that delivers just the right combination of intrigue and entertainment.

New Safety Protocols

While the regular 2020 season programming has been postponed, CenterPoint is thrilled to bring exciting original performances so patrons can continue to enjoy the experience of live theater. The theater has implemented social distancing measures, enhanced cleaning protocols and sanitizer stations throughout the theater lobby. Audience members can download the playbill right to their cell phones. Cast members wore clear face shields on stage during ensemble numbers as an added measure of protection, and it did not detract from the performances at all. Masks are required. Broadway Villains runs through October 24 on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $12-15 and available at Bring the family for a bewitching good time. These bad-to-the-bone villains will have you humming along all the way home.