Hiking Davis County: Buffalo Point Trail

by admindhnqkf35

Have you made a visit to Antelope Island State Park yet? If not, then Buffalo Point Trail is your perfect introduction to this amazing state park. If you’ve visited before, then here is your excuse to head back to the Island! Antelope Island Sunset Buffalo Point Trail is less than one mile long and is an easier hike that is perfect for all ages and skill levels. This trail is 0.4 miles each way and gains about 300 feet in elevation. This short, yet rewarding hike will lead you to Buffalo Point, which provides a nearly 360-degree panoramic view of Antelope Island, the Great Salt Lake, and the surrounding mountain ranges. You may even catch a glimpse at Antelope Island’s incredible wildlife! Bison, antelope, and birds are frequently within viewing distance on this trail.

Image Source: The Trek Planner

This trail begins at the Buffalo Point trailhead, which is in the north-west part of the island and just a few minutes from the causeway. At the trailhead, there is a parking lot with an observation deck and picnic area that overlooks Bridger Bay and White Rock Bay. There are also bathrooms in this area.

Image Source: The Salt Project

This is a well-marked trail that is simple to follow. Young children, grandparents, and those new to hiking should not have any difficulties with this hike. As always, watch your footing, as there may be loose rocks. There are several benches along the way to stop and rest if needed, or to simply just take in the view. Antelope Island always has stunning sunsets and Buffalo Point is our go-to spot to catch a glimpse of these famous sunsets. Begin your hike at dusk and watch the sun melt into the Great Salt Lake once you reach Buffalo Point. White Rock Bay Antelope Island If you prefer to hike during the day, we recommend going on this hike as early as you can. There is no shade on this trail, so going first thing in the morning will help you avoid scorching summer temps. This is also a more popular trail at Antelope Island and you’re more likely to have this trail to yourself in the early morning. Plus, wildlife tend to be more active during the cool morning hours! White Rock Bay Antelope Island You can view a map of Antelope Island here or view trail info on AllTrails. Park Fees: It is recommended that you pre-purchase your day pass before arriving at the park. $15 per vehicle up to 8 people. Bicycles, Motorcycles and Pedestrians: $3 per person