Dreaming of A White Christmas with CenterPoint’s Holiday Inn

by admindhnqkf35

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre puts on a holiday spectacular with their performance of Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn, based on the classic 1942 Hollywood film. This dazzling show is perfect for the whole family and is an impressive holiday production.


The Iconic Holiday Story

Holiday Inn tells the story of Jim, Lila, and Ted, who are a talented musical trio playing one-night shows around New York City. Jim falls in love with Lila and proposes to her, asking her to leave show business and move with him to a farmhouse he just purchased in Connecticut. Unable to give up her dream of being a star, Lila leaves with Ted in pursuit of a show business career. Heartbroken, Jim is left alone with his farmhouse in Connecticut, which is proving to be much more work than he imagined.

Clayton Barney (MWF), Christian Johnston (MWS), and Kelly Richardson (MWF) as Jim, Ted, and Lila

Jim’s attitude turns around when he meets Linda, a beautiful performer turned teacher, who he begins to fall in love with. After they sing a duet of the hit classic, “White Christmas” (yes, that iconic, best-selling Christmas song is originally from this film!), they decide to open the farmhouse only on holidays for dazzling performances.

The second act takes you through glittering performances at Jim’s farmhouse for major holidays such as New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas. Each holiday performance is accompanied by exciting musical numbers with fabulous costumes, dancing, and props. And yes, even Thanksgiving gets a toe-tapping song, “Plenty to Be Thankful For”.


Star Performances

The entire cast of Holiday Inn blew us away. Each and every cast member portrayed their characters effortlessly and are very talented.  In particular, the role of Linda Mason performed by Lindsea Garside (TTHS) was remarkable.  Garside’s solo performance of “Nothing More to Say” gave chills and was an audience favorite.

Another crowd favorite character was Louise, the “fix-it man” of the farmhouse, performed by Brittany Bullen (TTHS). Despite Jim’s hesitations, Louise invited herself into his farmhouse and helped him turn the place around. When it was time for Louise’s solo performance, “Shaking the Blues Away”, Bullen’s singing was nothing short of lively and animated, just like the character she plays.

Rich Adams (TTHS) and Lindsea Garside (TTHS) as Jim and Linda

CenterPoint Theatre’s production of Holiday Inn was a spectacular combination of the glitz and glam of show business and the simple practicality of farm life. It is a classic holiday story that will warm your heart. After the cast took their final bows, they invited the audience to sing along with them in “White Christmas” once more, filling the entire theater with a perfect, cheerful holiday spirit. You won’t want to miss this show! Showings of Holiday Inn run Monday-Saturday until December 21st. Tickets can be purchased here.